Lions Pride Slots Game Bonuses Available Online Today

Lions Pride Slots Game Bonuses

Lions Pride Slots Game Bonuses For You

For simplicity and effectiveness, you can’t beat a good game of slots. Even though it’s been running for more than a century, the arcade classic goes from strength to strength. Created in the United States in 1894, it originally began as a fun way to entertain, probably with fruit machines. Now you can play so many different themes, and even better by playing online. One of the exciting themes to play is featured in this article. Lions Pride slots game bonuses will make you a true winner of the jungle.

Based on an African theme, it has an amazing return to player (RTP) percentage of 95.90%. This is a great incentive for players as it shows you’re able to win big amounts. Created by casino software giants Microgaming, it is a nice steady game for beginners, those at a medium level and advanced. Because of technology, you can now play Lions Pride Slot on any device.

With cool features, interesting symbols and sounds, Lions Pride is a very interesting modern themed game that we love on online casino screens. Because of its rich history, slots are loved all over the world and that continues today. Moving further away from the classic machines with a lever, slots now takes place on your phone, tablet and desktop.

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Understand Lions Pride Slots Game Bonuses

It has a variety of pay lines, which makes it very challenging for the gamer. Because of the small betting amounts (between one and five dollars per spin in the U.S), it’s great for low or high rollers. Typically it’s more for steady players, so it’s perfect as a quick game to pass the time.

There are over 24 combinations you can be successful from, so the odds are high to build up your balance. For example, the wild symbols if collected can land you an amazing 1,250 coins to boost your happiness when playing online. Because of Lions Pride slots game bonuses, the fun will never stop.

Just check out the brilliant symbols linking to animals of the jungle. The king of the African kingdom features as the lion roars on to your screen. Also making an appearance including a beautiful gazelle and a zebra for your amusement. Although the amounts are small when you bet on this game, it’s definitely an interesting challenge.

Other Fun Features

There’s also an opportunity to get to an exciting bonus round. All you have to do to reach the promised land is see the mask logo, which can appear anywhere on the screen. This will lead to a free spin round. You can get up to 25 free spins when this happens and even a multiplier ten times the typical amount.

Not to mention the gamble feature where you have the opportunity to triple the base win as a maximum and double as a minimum. This applies to the gamble feature after any base win. To test out your luck, to begin with, we recommend the free spins to learn about Lions Pride slots game bonuses. However, after it’s definitely worth upgrading to the real money games for an added thrill.

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Looking back on the days of simple classic games on casino machines at a brick and mortar, technology has developed the industry so much. If you embrace it fully by playing Lions Pride, you’ll enter a new exciting world of possibilities.