Free Mobile Slots Guide for 2020

Your Free Mobile Slots Guide for 2020

The game of slots has changed massively thanks to the power of technology. When the internet went from strength to strength, so did this wonderful game. It may be more than 100 years old but it continues to bring in new customers for casinos. Why? Because it’s fun simple entertainment that can still create big jackpots! In this free mobile slots guide for 2020, we discuss what you need to do to succeed, list a few decent games and much more!

For example, whenever you sign up for a new casino, what you need to know about is what kind of bonuses they offer! This is a must because it all helps towards landing a big pot of money! If you are new to slots and have never played before, those free spins might come in handy.

Alternatively, if you know your way around the screen, why not check out a new website in 2020 that provides a sweet no deposit promotion. This can make all the difference as you can bet for free initially! Bonuses really matter when you begin playing slots and we are going to fill in the blanks for you.

Free Mobile Slots Guide for 2020 And Where to Play

Why Read This Free Mobile Slots Guide for 2020?

It’s a new year and a new decade which means technology has advanced that little bit more. Casinos love what they can now offer players because you no longer have to visit a casino. If you’re feeling lazy, just turn on your casino app and play on your smartphone.

The ability to play the game anywhere is one opportunity not to miss! In this free mobile slots guide for 2020, it will help to understand what bonuses are on offer to you. Whether you want free spins or a welcome code, it’s important to know which will suit you best.

So why not play slots and one of the card games or roulette? On mobile, it’s one of the easiest games to play wherever you are. Because you can take your smartphone with you, there’s access to your casino app in any location. And with very few screens to navigate through except a bonus page (which we love), you can play for ages with minimal fuss!

Types of Bonuses

So what are the main types of bonuses with online slots on your mobile? If you’re a new sign up, you can get a welcome bonus which usually matches your first deposit. You can also get a no deposit bonus which experienced players love because you can test out the games and win real money without adding any of your cash!

If you just want to try out the slots with no strings attached, search around online for versions that offer free spins. It doesn’t even require any sign-up details so your personal data is secure. This is a great way to get a feel for the game and to see if you like it/can work with it.

Get To Know The Jackpot Games You Can Play

You can also check out other tips from CasinoGuide, which gives you loads of offers on the latest games. All are verified by the UKGC so you know you’re in good hands and playing on a trusted site, which is compatible on mobile!

Different Games Available

This section will explain the variety of slots for your pleasure. Whether you like the classics or modern spins, there’s something for everyone. For instance, the fruit machines have been around forever and you can find lots of versions online of this timeless game. All you have to do is match the fruits, which is very simple.

Alternatively, you can play more complex games that have a variety of features to advance and win more. They come in the form of themes, so you can play Lions Pride which is based on the African jungle. Also, you can check out Jurassic Park too. This game is top of our free mobile slots guide for 2020 list because we just love the movie! Enjoy!

Mobile Casino Online Gambling Tips

Your Mobile Casino Online Gambling Tips

Don’t you find that your smartphone is attached to the hip? It’s become such a key part of so many peoples lives and we can’t comprehend being without one. They help with direction, play songs for you and help you check the weather in a town you plan to visit. For casinos, they have done wonders for the industry. Now you can play online 24 hours a day with minimal fuss. Therefore, as a newbie or experienced player, mobile casino online gambling tips might come in handy for this website.

Even if you know your blackjack, slots and roulette like the back of your hand, technology still has its issues that rack our brains. Little problems with them can lead to big problems with our bets. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer betting on sports or casinos, we all depend on smartphones for betting.

Mobile Casino Online Gambling Tips For Everyone

It’s now recognised that we use them more than laptops even, so it shows the importance of them for our daily needs. With that in mind, hopefully these tips will help you understand why they’re so key to gaming and how to avoid any drama before winning that jackpot.

Top Mobile Casino Online Gambling Tips

Our first tips is a common recurrence among players. Remember to keep your phone charged! It doesn’t have to be 100% all of the time, but it helps in the middle of a game. Imagine it running out and dying on you as the ball goes around the roulette table. You’ll never know if it lands on double zero if your phone switches off.

Turning off any applications or dimming the lights saves battery efficiency. Alternatively, just keep a power cable or bank with you if you’re commuting and want to play on the train. Another key point to remember relates to a secure internet connection.

Another reason for your game to turn off midway through spinning the slots can relate to poor bandwidth. If you have a terrible internet connection in your area or your mobile data is scarce, you could be in real trouble. Help yourself by always playing in a strong Wi-Fi zone and follow up with your provider if there are any issues. It’s also highly beneficial if you invest in the best mobile network for increased data allowance and signal strength.

See The Best Places to Play Online Casino Games

Be Aware of Your Limits

This relates not just to the amount that you bet, but also what device you decide to play on. For example, if you love slots and have found the perfect game, that’s great news. However, if playing on smartphones is your ideal scenario, but your Android isn’t compatible with this game, it could be a serious issue. In particular, if you have already registered on a browser and put money into their online accounts. Always check it’s downloadable by looking at an appropriate search engine or review!

Another one of our good mobile casino online gambling tips is knowing when to put the phone down. If you’re in an important university lecture and forgot to turn off your app beforehand, it could lead to problems when the live blackjack dealer starts speaking in class. You can go into your notifications and turn off any alerts. Any interruptions could be a risk when you don’t need it. Hopefully these tips will help you in those crucial betting situations at important times!

Slot Fruity Machines No Deposit

Discovering Slot Fruity Machines No Deposit

Want to play an exciting yet easy game, with so much reward? Then look no further than slots for action-packed entertainment and routine casino wins. Although the game has been played for years, at some point it needs a refresh. In the late 1980s, it looked like the card and table games would take over. But no worries because technology saved the days. With more versions on phones and laptops, you can play for hours. However, to win big amounts you need slot fruity machines no deposit bonuses.

Why? Because it’s a great way to play a classic game, and either play for free or enjoy real money wins as a bargain! While the game was developing around the world in the past few decades, new themes took centre stage. In the past, slots relied on the classics to thrive. Games like Starburst are regularly played by excited customers.

Now you can visit hundreds of casinos online and play thousands of exhilarating slots titles. However, for instant classics, you can’t beat a fruit machine. It was more than likely the first game created on this wonderful entertaining casino product. To discover how to get a no deposit, let’s look through the history of slots, why it did so well and how to bag a bonus like this.

Why Use Slot Fruity Machines No Deposit?

When you want to enjoy casino games but not risk too much, slots are the perfect example of finding a happy medium. You do not require a great deal of knowledge to play and it only takes a few seconds to set up. After registering with the casino of your choice, you should get some interesting bonus options as a reward.

Failing to find and appreciate this is a tragedy, so it’s important to look around and locate that promotion! So many casinos compete for the top spot, so they have to offer some sort of incentive to entice new customers each day. Therefore, why not tempt you with a brilliant bonus to register with them.

For example, usually, when playing slots you typically get offers of free spins. This is all well and good, but only for beginners. When you get free spins, it usually doesn’t offer you real money in return. Instead, it offers further bonuses when you bet with real money or match their crazy wagering requirements.

Slot Fruity Machines No Deposit Offers

Free Spins or No Deposit?

Free spins are a great start because it helps you learn more about the game and particular theme, but you need more as a player. To increase your chances of success, it’s ideal if you can find slot fruity machines no deposit offers. They provide you with the means to win real cash prizes.

The main concern when you get these no deposit offers is where you need to play the game and whether there are any stipulations for withdrawing your winnings. It’s important to read between the lines because some casinos like to catch you out with specific wagering requirements.

Reading through the terms and conditions carefully will help you avoid any hiccups further down the line. It’s definitely worth a punt to try free spins, to begin with. It really helps to establish yourself as a player who means business and understands the game of slots.

However, to really develop and take your game to the next level, you need offers like slot fruity machines no deposit to show you have what it takes. This will then lead to real money, which is obviously great for your future spins and enjoyment online.

Free Bonus Online Casino Apps

The Best Free Bonus Online Casino Apps

For the best bonuses in the business, you’ve come to the right place. In this list, you will be able to find several incentives explained, as casinos look for new ways to bring in customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new face or a returning player, all bonuses count. With free bonus online casino apps, you get a great head start that makes all the difference.

Since the creation of the internet, the casino industry has gone from strength to strength. Now it’s their main source of business. Why? Because you can play games like poker, blackjack and roulette 24/7, 365 days a year! It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, they will always be available.

Offering excellent customer support, any queries can be answered in live chat or over the phone. A great casino is an established one, with plenty of knowledge to provide you with an entertaining website. It includes multiple payment methods, quality games and graphics, and of course great bonuses! In this blog, we will run through the main types, who qualifies for them and how to achieve them to kick start your registration.

Free Bonus Online Casino Apps To Try Out

Why Get a Free Bonus Online Casino Apps?

It would be rude not to except an incentive that helps you win plenty of prizes! Casinos offer them to help you on your way to success and considering usually you need to bet high amounts before even turning a profit, anything is welcome!

There is a range of free bonus online casino apps that can aid you as a player. Whether you are just starting out or already know what to do, every little help. When you first sign up, for example, a common promotion is the welcome bonus. This can be a number of incentives that help initially once you register. It can be a mixture of prizes such as free registration, free spins or even a no deposit bonus if you’re lucky!

Another example is the first deposit bonus. Search around for apps that offer these online because they’re great! What the casino does is match a percentage of your first deposited amount, whether that’s 50% or even going all the way up to a whopping 500%!

Other Examples of Matching Bonuses

If we reel off some different types that are similar to the first deposit bonus, the reload and matching bonuses are like its brother. With the reload version, this comes straight after your first deposit in the form free spins or cash back as a thank you in your welcome offer. Alternatively, you can get the matching bonus as well here.

Play at Online Casinos Through Apps

This is just like the reload bonus, except it’s not just for new players. That’s a great incentive if you find it for experienced casino players. What they can then do is get added deposit bonuses from the casino which matches what they put in their account!

Specific Bonuses

You can find all sorts of free bonus online casino apps depending on your budget, what game you’re looking to play and the time you wish to spend on the internet. Because some bonuses are time-sensitive, an example of a limited bonus that really stands out is the exclusive casino bonuses. They are set to a certain amount of days or hours, so be quick when using it! Read through the terms and conditions with this or any other bonus for being clued up on what’s required!

If you love the slots, some casinos even offer a special bonus based on play this fun and simple game! That’s the case even if you just play on mobile. You can get some really cool features when you use their 3D or video slots on games like Gonzo’s Quest or Starburst.

Pay and Play with Your Phone Bill Casino

Why Pay and Play with Your Phone Bill Casino

The world of casino gaming has changed since the introduction of technology. Now you don’t even need to go to a local casino miles away from your home. Instead, the entertainment and betting opportunities are brought to your front door. Imagine being bet in the comfort of your living room. Even better you can feel secure when making deposits. This is because of the chance to pay and play with your phone bill casino has become a reality.

Why has this happened? Because smartphones and casinos have advanced massively over the past decade. Now you can bet anywhere you like at the push of a button, see here to see the kind of games you can play. Brick and mortar establishments have taken a step into the darkness because the revolution of technology is growing.

Nearly every keen gambler prefers to play on smartphones and this is because it’s so easy. If a scenario appears where you’ve run out of money in your account, you don’t even have to sweat it. A simple way to deposit money into your casino account without lifting a finger has arrived.

See The Best Ways To Deposit on Mobile Today

Taking the trouble out of betting just made the game easier. This was done by introducing different payment methods to online gaming. In the past in a local casino, you had to speak directly to the dealer or go to a cash point. All that ended when technology moved a step forward.

The Brilliance of Pay and Play with Your Phone Bill Casino

Now you don’t even need card details, which is a crazy feat itself. Only ten years ago, technology only permitted payments online via credit and debit cards. However, as casinos increased in stature, so did the rise of hackers. Now it’s so easy for them to get into peoples accounts via this method.

That created the need for electronic wallets. With encrypted systems like what is used at, it’s a much more secure service for online transactions. It helps to keep details and private information safe and secure. For example, you can’t beat a trusted website like PayPal. They are used around the world and recognised by millions of businesses as reliable.

What casino player wouldn’t require that level of trust? Neteller and Skrill are other emerging financial apps to help you make quick withdrawals when you want to pay and play with your phone bill casino. This created a need to play on smartphones.


Why risk everything on a desktop and face back pain hunched over a screen for hours. Now you can take your smartphones and tablets anywhere. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection or network data to play on the move. Paying on your phone couldn’t be easier and saves messing around with deposits when on a hot streak. One of the most popular pay by phone methods is Boku.

Why Use Boku Payment System

This financial service is a godsend for anybody who wants to bet in a hurry. You don’t need to put in your details, your card numbers or anything else. All you need to do is find the option on the casino and enter the amount. Once you do that, an SMS message will appear on your phone which you confirm.

Following a few seconds, the payment will be instant and you’re then good to proceed with more gaming. Just think what that will do for your experience. Whether you love slots, poker or baccarat on your mobile, pay and play with your phone bill casino couldn’t be easier.


Live Online Bingo and Casino

Playing Live Online Bingo and Casino

Gone are the days where you need to visit your local bingo hall or casino. Although it’s a fun experience, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and play at home. Especially when the weather is awful! With that in mind, technology answered our prayers. Now you can play live online bingo and casino, streaming from your device.

Whichever you prefer doesn’t matter, because there are plenty of sites to play both online. In HD video steams, with real dealers, the experience is like something you’ve never seen before. It’s the perfect combination of banter you get in the physical location, married with the opportunity to bet at home.

Play The Best Bingo Games at Online Casinos

For casino games, there’s no greater thrill than playing Tombola Live Casino, poker, baccarat, slots and roulette online. That experience is enhanced by watching and playing in a live event. The same goes for bingo, as you watch the dealer calling out your selected numbers!

In 2020, the possibilities are endless. A new decade calls for great innovation and you get all of that when you bet online. Live casinos and bingo experiences bring gambling with a twist to your front door. They can’t see you, but you can certainly witness the dealer as they shuffle your cards!

How Do I Get Involved in Live Online Bingo and Casino?

A good question that needs a solid answer. When you sign up to a legitimate trusted website that offers this service, you will see the difference it brings to players. Although online gaming has been a revelation, bridging the gap between reality and the social aspect of visiting establishments has been difficult.

Now with live online bingo and casino experiences, you get the best of both worlds. You can watch the dealer as he deals with your blackjack cards and also looks through the screen at a bingo caller at a real-life events hall. It might not be the glamour of Las Vegas but it’s close enough!

Get The Best Advice on Bingo Casino Games Here

You set the rules, call the shots and offer some banter with the professional working on the other end of your stream. It’s fun, interesting and exciting to embrace this new way to bet online. There’s even a control panel to help you make in-play decisions like you would on a sports betting app. The beautiful part is it can all be done from the comfort of your living room. Whatever questions or queries you have about the dealer and what they’re doing, it will all be explained to you during the game. Neat, right?

Is This Possible on Smartphones?

As these games continue to grow in popularity, casinos and bingo experiences gather more exposure. Casinos are choosing to invest more in this because they can see the potential. To reach out to a larger digital-savvy audience, mobiles are definitely one of your options.

See The Bingo Game Options You Have Offered to You

Because screens are so big now on Android and iPhones, you can see the dealer in all their glory when you play live online bingo and casino games. As it gathers more recognition, casinos embrace the culture change by adding more titles on a regular basis! Even apps are available for a smooth and seamless experience.

Anybody Else Involved?

While the dealer can not see you, which might make you feel more at ease, there could be other players joining the casino or bingo experience. And why not, it all adds to the fun! You can also communicate via live chat for additional support. The finest audio equipment is also in use to aid your experience.

What are the Safest Casino Deposit Options?

What are the Safest Casino Deposit Options for You?

The world of online casino gaming has changed, thanks to the power of the internet. Gone are the days where you can only bet at your local. Now there are so many options at the click of the button. A search engine will help you find thousands of titles alone to play whenever you like. However, what you also get with internet casino games is, unfortunately, scams, fraud attempts and the hacking of your account. On this rare occasion, we have to consider what are the safest casino deposit options?

Does it even help if you play online, or is the method not trusted? Generally, it’s a great way to play 24/7, with there being not as many problems as you think. However, keeping your data and financial information secure is a top priority for every respected casino.

What are the Safest Casino Deposit Options to Play Online

While some plan to scam you, there are more out there that care then pitiful websites that are in it for a quick buck. You can spot these a mile away by their shoddy graphics, lack of games and very little payment options or support. In this guide, we will go through the best options to pay online and remain secure.

Understanding What are the Safest Casino Deposit Options

On the internet, hackers continually see the potential in trying to scam customers out of their hard-earned money. Banks, legal authorities, gaming commissions, and businesses work together to prevent this. However, it’s an around the clock job that can be difficult to manage.

To keep up with the constant demand of players online, there are a few methods that help players in the long-run. These include encrypted payment methods and mobile methods like pay using Vodafone Casino, secure passwords and a large network of customer support. A casino that is managed and operated with trust at its heart will follow these guidelines.

If not, the UKGC (Britain’s gambling commission) will ensure they are closed down otherwise. Casinos work with software giants like NetEnt and Microgaming to provide entertaining titles which you can trust. They are protected using the finest encryption methods to keep your data secure. Nevertheless, most of the security stems from how you pay.

What are the Safest Casino Deposit Options that are Trusted

Are Credit and Debit Cards Still a Trusted Method?

The short answer is yes, because millions use them for everyday purchases online, not just with casinos. However, because you are constantly typing in your details to buy products and deposit for games, it creates a greater chance of fraud.

To counteract this, casinos and players now prefer electronic payments as a trusted means to make transactions. For example, millions of businesses and consumers use PayPal around the world. More than 200 countries use it! You know what you get with this trusted service, featuring heavily encrypted software. They help to stop hacking because you don’t even need to input your card details.

Other Available Methods

What are the safest casino deposit options you ask? If you fancy a change from PayPal and don’t trust using your bank cards, try the likes of Neteller and Skrill. These are other varieties of e-wallets that casino players love. Alternatively, mobile payment methods are becoming just as popular.

You can use the likes of Boku, which more and more casinos are beginning to trust. All they do is take the money away from your phone bill or top-up credit to add to your online account. It’s a simple process that takes seconds and only requires confirmation via text.

New Online Casinos Feb 2020

The Best New Online Casinos Feb 2020

A new month means even more reasons to join the online casino space. Every 30 days or so, casinos bring quality gaming to your screen and February is no exception. If you love poker, roulette, slots and more, check out the new online casinos Feb 2020 has to offer.

With plenty of bonuses, they’ve covered all avenues to give you a winning start. You might just be contemplating a few free spins for a bit of fun, or to try out their demos. After all, it’s important to make sure you like the game. Another reason might be your cautious nature.

We don’t blame you because it’s important to know what you’re getting involved in and we hope you like our choices. February after all is the month of love with Valentines Day around the corner and we hope you adore the game on offer in 2020.

Choosing New Online Casinos Feb 2020

So what do you look out for with some awesome titles on the horizon? The usual suspects come to town as we check out the latest games from the likes of Netent and IGT. That’s without mentioning the likes of Playtech and Betsoft who love a good slots game too.

Whatever your preference, there’s loads to pick from in new online casinos Feb 2020. However, remember to do your background checks before signing up. We recommend who does excellent reviews on the latest offers. It’s great to find a casino with a sweet bonus, but you must check a few terms first.

The t & c’s page will point you in the right direction, letting you know the wage requirements and whether you can meet it. After all, there’s no point getting excited about a game if it’s not within your planned budget. Once you’ve done your research, it’s about finding a game that suits you.

How to Whittle Down Your Options

The key to finding a game that suits you other than bonuses is focusing on a few areas. If you play on mobile, you want to make sure the casino has the perfect app on your smartphone. Likewise, if you prefer playing on tablets, check the game has top SSL security in place to protect your data.

It’s all about finding a brand and game that suits your needs. As humans, we are constantly on the move thinking about work, family and social life so it’s finding a time that fits to play online. Awesome new online casinos Feb 2020 will provide you with a gaming experience like no other.

For example, check out LeoVegas for the best roulette games you can imagine. See if you can beat the house edge and take home a jackpot by spreading your bets around the wheel. Alternatively, you might want to check out who offers the best bonuses.


This might be in the form of free spins, no deposit bets or just ten minutes to test the latest blackjack tables. You can even go super high-tech by catching a live casino experience. What’s better than combining technology and social banter by playing against a real-life dealer through a website stream.

The world is your oyster with casinos. You can play as much or as little as you like on multiple devices, paying in lots of different ways. Whether you prefer electronic payments like Neteller or through your phone bill with Boku, all the options are at your fingertips. New online casinos Feb 2020 has to offer can provide hours of entertainment from anywhere you like.

Android Casino App Downloads

Why Pick Android Casino App Downloads

Android phones are brilliant devices that create a seamless experience for the user. However, that’s not quite the case for online gamblers. Because of strict laws in place through the Google Play Store, you are not able to access applications that promote gambling. However, you can get Android casino app downloads that allow you to play for free.

This might not be ideal for some users, but it’s certainly a good way to test your skills online. Some created apps on the store are there solely for the reason of enjoyment. And isn’t that why we love casino after all? You can pick from a few of the best titles and play for free.

Get Bonuses With Android Casino App Downloads

Being able to play slots, poker and roulette is an opportunity not to be missed. It might not be the real official versions, and it’s not possible to deposit cash or withdraw winnings, but you can certainly have a good time and learn some interesting strategies for future reference. Don’t forget that you can also find more titles to play by searching through the browser on your smartphone. With that search, you can find a title that allows real-money bets.

Benefits of Android Casino App Downloads?

Apart from the enormous amount of fun you will have, it’s a great online experience that can help pass the time. If you’re commuting, bored on your lunch break or sat at home with nothing to do, play some games! It’s fun, easy and convenient on your Android.

If you can find some official apps on the store, know that they will be highly secure and reduce the risk of scams. It’s important to be careful though because hackers know how to create similar apps that attempt to take your details. Reading between the lines and doing your research is important. They create these purely to attempt to steal your private data and financial information so remain vigilant at all times.

Because the Play Store does not allow real money bets, it’s highly unlikely you will find a legitimate casino that promises this. If you find one that does, it’s not legal and best to avoid. Be careful what you sign up for, but know that Android casino app downloads that are legitimate are super fun to play on the move.

To make sure your favourite casino doesn’t have an app, refer to their website where they will have a downloadable link or the relevant information if it’s accessible.

Finding an Alternative

Don’t worry because all hope is not lost! Although you might not be able to find a useful real-money betting app on your Play Store with Android, there’s a solution. Instead, depending on what device you have, some casinos create their apps specifically for that model.

Android Casino App Downloads Players Can Use To Get Bonuses

That way you can play online with the most secure software. This protects your data with encryption while allowing you to have fun simultaneously! Examples of this exist on HTC and Samsung, with many more available online at the click of a button. Shop around to find the perfect games for your Android device. You have the opportunity to play so many different games that can really entertain at any time.

For even more options, check out on your desktop for an amazing experience and more chances to win real money! Whatever you decide, know that there are plenty of Android casino app downloads that suit your needs.

Lions Pride Slots Game Bonuses

Lions Pride Slots Game Bonuses For You

For simplicity and effectiveness, you can’t beat a good game of slots. Even though it’s been running for more than a century, the arcade classic goes from strength to strength. Created in the United States in 1894, it originally began as a fun way to entertain, probably with fruit machines. Now you can play so many different themes, and even better by playing online. One of the exciting themes to play is featured in this article. Lions Pride slots game bonuses will make you a true winner of the jungle.

Based on an African theme, it has an amazing return to player (RTP) percentage of 95.90%. This is a great incentive for players as it shows you’re able to win big amounts. Created by casino software giants Microgaming, it is a nice steady game for beginners, those at a medium level and advanced. Because of technology, you can now play Lions Pride Slot on any device.

With cool features, interesting symbols and sounds, Lions Pride is a very interesting modern themed game that we love on online casino screens. Because of its rich history, slots are loved all over the world and that continues today. Moving further away from the classic machines with a lever, slots now takes place on your phone, tablet and desktop.

See The Layout of the Lions Pride Slots Game Bonuses

Understand Lions Pride Slots Game Bonuses

It has a variety of pay lines, which makes it very challenging for the gamer. Because of the small betting amounts (between one and five dollars per spin in the U.S), it’s great for low or high rollers. Typically it’s more for steady players, so it’s perfect as a quick game to pass the time.

There are over 24 combinations you can be successful from, so the odds are high to build up your balance. For example, the wild symbols if collected can land you an amazing 1,250 coins to boost your happiness when playing online. Because of Lions Pride slots game bonuses, the fun will never stop.

Just check out the brilliant symbols linking to animals of the jungle. The king of the African kingdom features as the lion roars on to your screen. Also making an appearance including a beautiful gazelle and a zebra for your amusement. Although the amounts are small when you bet on this game, it’s definitely an interesting challenge.

Other Fun Features

There’s also an opportunity to get to an exciting bonus round. All you have to do to reach the promised land is see the mask logo, which can appear anywhere on the screen. This will lead to a free spin round. You can get up to 25 free spins when this happens and even a multiplier ten times the typical amount.

Not to mention the gamble feature where you have the opportunity to triple the base win as a maximum and double as a minimum. This applies to the gamble feature after any base win. To test out your luck, to begin with, we recommend the free spins to learn about Lions Pride slots game bonuses. However, after it’s definitely worth upgrading to the real money games for an added thrill.

See The Bonuses Included in the Game

Looking back on the days of simple classic games on casino machines at a brick and mortar, technology has developed the industry so much. If you embrace it fully by playing Lions Pride, you’ll enter a new exciting world of possibilities.

Free Online Gambling Forum

Your Free Online Gambling Forum

If you have got fed up of visiting your local casino, check out so many different games you can play online. Whether you just want to do it for fun, or genuinely want to earn big jackpots, there’s something for everyone. To play steady early on, your free online gambling forum will show you the way.

It can be daunting to play online for the first time because there are so many online casinos. Each one tries to stay competitive in a challenging industry by offering great incentives to their customers. It’s up to us as reviewers to help you make a smart decision.

We offer loads of tips and guidance to make the right pick, whether you’re based in the UK or beyond. This forum will discuss the benefits of playing for free initially at, and whether to try your luck by betting with real money. Both have their advantages and provide great entertainment. The best part is you can do it from anywhere!

Free Online Gambling Forum Discussion Help

Why Use Free Online Gambling Forum?

First of all, it’s free which means you don’t have to pay a penny to get some top advice! We are experts in the field and have played lots of games online. Whether you love slots, fancy trying out roulette or beating the dealer at blackjack, we will cover avenues.

With a free online gambling forum, you can see first hand what to choose in terms of casinos and what to avoid. The beauty of a forum is how they work. When you play for free, you know there’s very little risk involved. However, you don’t make a profit in return. What you can achieve is great practice in any casino game.

You can get a few free spins in slots for example and test which kind of game you prefer. Maybe you prefer the old classics like Starburst or Fruit machines, which are so simple to play. Alternatively, you might like modern spins that take your breath away! With free gaming, no risk involved means you won’t be disappointed if you lose. Once you know the rules, you can step up a level to real money if you prefer. If you figure out a strategy that suits, even better!

Also, it’s brilliant for keeping your data safe. Because you don’t have to part with any financial information or put any added software on your device, there’s no damage involved personally. That way you can bet online for free and enjoy yourself with no qualms.

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Why Bet with Real Money?

At the other end of the scale, you can’t beat the thrill of playing with fire. If you bet real money, yes you might lose which is unfortunate but you can also win jackpots too! Progressive jackpots where it builds with each spin added extra spice to your gaming experience.

Although you may want to consider the possibility that the casino has a slight edge over you. They do this so they always stand a good chance of making a profit. Nevertheless, if you’re smart enough and gather a bit of luck, money is there for the taking.

With our free online gambling forum, we consider both sides of the coin because we want to give you both options. Mistakes can be made on your part and we only hope to cover all the basics. What you get with real money gaming are even better bonuses. Have a look around online for awesome promos that will astound you! The choice is up to you, and we guarantee fun, either way, you want to play.

Best Casinos to Play Table Games

Picking the Best Casinos to Play Table Games

If you fancy taking a brief moment away from slots, there’s plenty more fun available at casinos. Thanks to technology, the betting world has welcomed so many new games to the online experience. Whatever device you use, you can have loads of fun with cards or roulette. In this blog, we will go through the history of table games, the best casinos to play table games and why we love them so much.

However, first of all, let’s back it up to see where all the fuss came from. While we love to spin the wheel digitally, it was centuries ago that we saw the first signs of our modern entertainment. For example, roulette was created in France to entertain the bored King Louis during his travels but is offered at many online casinos such as coolplay.

The ‘little wheel’ has since become a highly popular game, but more on that later. Also, we take a look at blackjack and why so many players love this simple but effective card game. It’s a fun experience that can really make you excited when you face the dealer.

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Best Casinos to Play Table Games and Win

When you take on the house, you better make sure you win. The majority of casinos always hold a slight edge over any player, and sadly it’s designed that way for them to profit. However, you can flip the game on its head by taking control of the situation. Check out the techniques shown at

Slots may be a simple game that requires little knowledge but table games have always required greater strategy. Why else do poker players wear sunglasses inside a building on live TV? To not give away any signs of what hand they have at the table.

The best casinos to play table games give you loads of chances to win. It’s important to look for a website that offers a high RTP. You can find these by looking online at comparison websites, reviews by experienced players and customer feedback. All will indicate what chance you stand of beating the house edge and winning via percentage.

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Is it Luck or Strategy Needed in Table Games?

To be honest, it’s a mixture of both. Perhaps slightly more strategy to gain that advantage, but all casino games require a little luck to come out on top. When you’re betting big amounts, knowing in certain situations what to do helps big time. You can learn this by playing for free initially.

Shopping around online to find great promotions in baccarat, roulette and blackjack will assist you further down the line. Once you’ve experienced the losses and the setbacks, you will be richer for it going forward. For beginners, you can’t beat that initial challenge to understand table games.

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Understanding Roulette

One of the most exciting games in the casino industry, roulette takes some beating in terms of entertainment. Watch with agony as the croupier drops the ball into the wheel. Once the ball sets in motion, all bets are off. You can spread yours in many ways to beat the house edge.

For example, you can keep it simple by betting on red or black to give you a 50% chance of success. All 36 numbers are in this colour and divided. You can pick which to place a bet on; odds or evens, inside or outside the wheel and on a specific number if you feel daring enough!

What the original roulette has which is still used today in Europe is zero. If the ball lands on that number and you did not bet on it, all bets elsewhere are lost. In the United States, they even added a green double zero to panic players even more! Whichever game you go for, the best casinos to play table games exist online! Search around and you’ll surely find one that matches your requirements.

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